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5 Ultimate Tips to Protect your Smart Phone from Virus

Smart phones are easy to access devices that provide convenience to the users for communication, internet usage, entertainment and other purposes. But like a computer, there is also the threat of virus attack on mobile devices. The virus can attack on software, games and other functionality of your mobile phone. You have to be assiduous about this; otherwise you need to visit a cell phone repair store for repairing it. So, in order protect your mobile devices from virus attack, you have to follow certain tips. These tips can help in keeping your important information and your money – safe.

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1. Download Antivirus:

Downloading and installing an antivirus application on your smart phone can help in preventing your device from virus or malware attack. Also keep the virus database of your mobile antivirus updated all the time so that it can protect your mobile from new viruses.

2. Scan your Mobile Device:

After downloading the antivirus software, scan your device so that you can search for the virus that may be present in your smart phone.

3. Only Download Apps from Best and Approved Sources:

Don’t download and install games and other softwares for your smart phones from any sources. Be careful while downloading apps as these apps might contain virus and worms that can affect your phone. So, in order to make sure you are downloading the right app please read reviews regarding security concerns and then download them. Also beware of the apps that ask for unnecessary “permissions”.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is a great functionality provided in the mobile devices for transferring data from one device to another. However, sometimes our devices are affected through some unknown applications or virus while transferring the data. So, turn off your Bluetooth when it’s not in use.

5. Buy Branded Mobile Devices:

Always prefer to choose a smart phone from a recognized and best brand that comes with the IMEI number. Branded devices provide warranty and security assurance. So it’s better to choose branded devices.

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How to protect your cell phone screen

How to Protect Your Cell Phone Screen?
Our smartphones certainly are a great joy of the modern technology. The best thing about them is their portability. They surely have made our lives easier than expected, but often, when we lose them in our pockets, backpacks, or purses, we have to pay a heavy price. Whether it is your LG phone, Samsung phone, or even a Nokia phone, you have to be careful in handling it because you may damage the screen.
The screen of the phone can easily break when you handle it roughly. You may drop the phone and its screen might crack up. But that’s not the only problem. Even if you protect your phone from breakage, the screen still might have some starches. This type of damage occurs when pressure is applied to the screen. We all might have sat on our smartphones right? Even if the glass does not break, such kind of rough attitude can make chemicals in the LCD leak within.
If you love your cell phone, you must never forget to take care of your precious device. Protecting the screen is important, especially if you have a touch screen phone. Screen repair can get to be a lot more costly. Before you face this situation, it is better that you get a screen protector for your phone. Some people don’t think a protector can make a difference, but it is certainly essential in keeping the screen protected. Even if you accidentally sit on your phone or toss if your bag or pocket in a hurry, you will know nothing will happen to the screen as it has a protector.
This is one way of protecting your phone. Here is a bunch of tips that can let you secure it to the maximum extend:
• Get a hard plastic case for your phone. If you accidently drop your phone, the case will not let it break or fall apart.
• Quit the habit of tossing your phone in your bag. Don’t even put it in your back pocket because when you sit, it can add pressure on the screen. This can damage the LCD.
• Don’t leave the phone on the bed while you are sleeping. Never even place it on the floor. Both ways can damage the screen. Place it on the side table so that whenever you wish to access the phone, you can reach for it.
• Spilling damages are also common contributors in damaging the screen. Be careful with using liquids when you have your mobile in hand. Spills can make you lose your mobile data for good.
There are lots of good reasons to use a screen protector and a smartphone case to protect the phone. Crack screen can make you lose your precious phone forever. Sometimes, repairs can help but if the damage is deep, you will have to change your smartphone. And for some people iPhone repair can be really costly. So it’s better to purchase a protector and protect your phone’s screen. Also, handle the phone with care so that you don’t get to lose it.

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