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Find out if your Hoverboard scooter safe to ride.

The Hoverboard is one of the coolest thing this year but it is also can be one of the most dangerous item in your household this day.There are actually two different types of Hoverboard a really cheap one and a Good quality one but most people can not tell the different between the two by just looking. The different between the two is in the system board and the battery inside so you will have to take the scooter apart in order  for you to see the differents. The bad Hoverboard scooter does not have a Main Controller Board instead it has two separate control board one on each side of the scooter. The problem that’s make the cheap Hoverboard is so dangerous is because they installed one of the Heat sink next to the battery so when the heat sink get too hot it will burn the battery and then the scooter will catch in fire.

If you need to find out if your scooter is safe to ride  take it to the nearest repair store to get it check.

If you are in Atlanta Georgia you can bring your scooter to TIGGAR’S COMPUTER REPAIR for Safety Inspection . If for any reason we find out that your scooter is not safe we can modified it or rebuilt it to make it safe so it does not catch in fire. If you have an Hoverboard that is not Bluetooth we can also make it Bluetooth for just $75

Inspection fee: $25
Scooter safety Rebuilt : $150

You can call TIGGAR’S COMPUTER AT 404 453 7984

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